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What I offer

Thanks so much for showing interest in booking your portrait session with me! My typical work consists of creative, editorial style portraits, boudoir sessions, seasonal portraits, couples & engagement sessions, family portraits, senior portraits, pet portraits or individual social media content.
No, you don’t have to be a model to be in front of a camera, trust me! I thoroughly enjoy working with everyone, whether you are an industry professional, just starting out or simply a person that enjoys being in front of the camera!
Working with me means that I'll be right there during every step of the process – from determining what it is you were looking for to planning the actual session, taking the photos and creating the images you were looking to get.

Pricing & Packages:

You may ask yourself why there are no prices or packages listed on here – let me explain: I think it is hard to put a price tag on a highly individual experience such as a photo shoot. The amount is very much dependent on various factors such as studio costs, costs for props, the duration of the shoot, the amount of edited photos and much more. I feel it would be unfair to you to just put a fixed price point out there when there is so much still up in the air that would influence it drastically. This is why I encourage you: Just reach out to me and I'm happy to work together to find a price that will work for you! Make sure to also check the FAQ below for more information about booking with me!

Booking Process

So – how does the booking process work? This is how you can book a photoshoot with me:

1) Reach out!
Let me know what you are interested in and we’ll go from there! Include as many or as little detail as you’d like. I will usually get back to you within 1-3 business days! You can reach me via email, call, text or dm on Instagram:
Call or text: (952) 818-1885
Instagram: @andreasdannercreative

2) We’ll talk!
Based on your individual needs, we will talk about possible sessions, start the creative process, and discuss every major detail such as location, date and time before any final decision is made.

3) Booking your session
After our initial conversation, we will have established a location, date, and time for the shoot. Once this is determined, the contract is signed and a retainer due to secure the date.

4) We’ll take your photos
This step is pretty obvious, right?

5) Choose your favorite photos!
You will receive an initial selection of unedited images – from these you are free to choose the images you want to receive as final edited versions. The number of images you are able to choose is based upon the package you select during our initial conversation.

6) Delivery of photos
You will receive the final edited images as digital files and the final payment is due

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Photos for Individuals

Are your books always open?
Yes, usually they are! Don’t hesitate to reach out, even if the date of the photo shoot may seem a little spontaneous – there’s still a chance I might be able to make it work!

What if I’m not sure of what it is I’m looking for in the photoshoot?
Lacking inspiration or not sure what it is you’re looking for? No worries – getting creative is one of my most favorite things to do (it’s in the name after all, right?). I’d be more than happy to come up with a few suggestions and different price tags, so you’ll have a good variety of options to choose from! No matter what your photography needs are: During the whole process I am always just one phone call, text, dm or email away for any questions you have.

What’s your editing style and your stance on retouching?
When it comes to portraits, I developed various editing styles over the past couple of years, from grainy and vintage to bright and clear. Before booking your session, we will discuss the look we are aiming for, including the level of skin smoothing you desire, and will edit the photos in one of my styles accordingly.

Can I bring someone to the photoshoot?
Of course! You're more than welcome to bring someone to the photoshoot – whether it's your best friend, your partner, an assistant or just anyone you would like to be there!

Are you available for travel?
Yes – and I love to travel! Just let me know where you’d want me to shoot and I’m sure we’ll find a solution!

Do you use a contract?
I do. I know, I know – paperwork is never really fun, but I think it still is important so both parties are fully aware of what to expect. Before finally booking your session, I will send you a copy of a contract that includes everything we agreed upon. And I promise to keep it as brief as it gets!

How does the payment process work and which payment options do you offer?
You will receive two individual invoices by email – one for the initial retainer to book your session, the other one upon delivery of the images. Both of these will include a button through which you can pay the respective invoice using multiple options, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers or apps like Venmo.  

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, I do – I am definitely willing to offer different payment plans to accommodate your individual budgets. Just let me know!

Will I get access to the RAW files of the images we take?
RAW files of the images will not be included as they do not represent a final product. In certain cases exceptions can be made, but this is subject to individual pricing.


Here is how you can reach me:
Call or text: (952) 818-1885
Instagram: @andreasdannercreative

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